Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ceramic: Heart Tile

Clay Body: Soldate
Underglaze: Black in etched text
Crackle Red/Lowfire

Ceramic: Wall Heart

Clay Body:  Soldate
Underglaze: Western black in etched text
Crackle Red Glaze/Lowfire

Ceramic: Wall Tile

Clay Body:  Frost Porcelain
Underglaze: Amaco blue in mishima etching; turquoise text stamp of "if your ship does not come in….swim out to it."
Amaco clear glaze/lowfire

Ceramic: Circle Wall Vase

Clay Body:  Coconut Cream
Underglaze:  Velour Black in Mishima etching
Clear Glaze/Cone 5

Ceramic: Cone Vase

Clay body:  Bmix
Underglaze:  Western sky blue and velour white
Clear Glaze/Cone 5