Sunday, November 12, 2017

Strip Quilting or Foundation Paper Piecing

I found a new quilting method, and I love it.  I learned about foundation paper piecing in a beginning modern patchwork book by Elizabeth Hartman, and I used her method in a quilt of her design called Valentine.  I took 11" x 17" copier paper and trimmed it down to 11" squares, drew a diagonal line down the middle and then 3/4" lines on either side of that middle line.  I then used a glue stick to adhere a 1 1/2" strip of white fabric to the middle of the paper.  I dipped into my fabric boxes for four piles of fabrics:  red, pink, violet; indigo and aqua blue; orange and peach; green and yellow.  I adore how precise the sewing was--lining up the blocks was a cinch.  I wished I had varied the strips more and made them skinnier and alternated more between light, medium and dark fabrics.  However, I hope one can still see the diamond shapes bordered by what looks like white sashing--it's not or rather it's genius how Hartman coordinates the blocks to look like their sashed.  I will totally use this method again!  I already have another 48 sheets of 11" squares cut and ready to adhere white fabric onto and am wondering if I can double the size.  However, I'm going to use fabric from my red box of stash and cut them into 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" strips, and alternate them on the block starting and ending with the 1 1/2" strips.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

El Edredón Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is nigh, and the wall quilt is done.  However, it's much bigger than I had intended and therefore no wall space in my living or dining areas can house this bad boy.  I'm going to launder it today and bring it to school to hang.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Boy Witch

I made this fellow a couple Saturdays ago, but last Saturday when I went to the bisque shelf, there was only his head.  The hat kept falling apart when I was constructing him and must have collapsed or exploded in the kiln.  And so I aim to re-do the hat and brim, bisque it and then attach with bisque fix.  Gotta have a hat for this to be a boy witch.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ceramics: Back to my plates obsession....

I think I like making plates because they're so simple to create and so functional:  roll a slab, add a texture you like, cut and slump in a Styrofoam plate, and then glaze in colors you also favor.  The pattern above is my favorite "baroque" texture roller made by Xiem. These plates are now ready for a sandwich or a side salad or a slice of chocolate cake. 

Joining Binding Ends...mission accomplished!

I've sewn about 5 quilts in my second life as a quilter, and I think I've finally figured out how to join the binding ends....the trick is to make them overlap by the length of their width, which in the quilt pictured is 2.5" and then put right sides together and sew that same 45-degree angle as when creating the binding!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Color Wheel Re-visit

I've been obsessed with Josef Albers proposition that color rather than form is the primary medium of pictorial language, and hence I've since sewn an English tumbling blocks wall quilt following the color wheel order and embroidered a color wheel.  Continuing that preoccupation with color and using fabric and embroidery floss as my "paints", I spied the latest issue of Love, Patchwork and Quilting accompanied with a free Dresden plate template and bought it promptly though I had vowed to stop buying that magazine as the latest issues just didn't contain any projects I wanted to undertake.  I also checked out from the public library, Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson because of the color wheel quilt in it.  The magazine project is comprised of 12 spokes while the book project is comprised of 52, so guess which one I'm starting first?

The quilting is done on my Día de los Muertos

I finished all the straight line quilting on my Día de los Muertos quilt, and it is wonky and puckered...not show-worthy at all.  However, done is definitely less stressful than perfect and I think I'm rather in love with the homemade look of it:)  Today after work, I will search through my boxes of stash in order to add to the binding I started with leftover jelly roll strips.  I took two pictures of the quilt folded up....big reveal when it's finally done including hanging sleeve.  I just may get this done by November 1st.