Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ceramics: Homage to Wayne Thiebaud

Materials: Sculpture Mix (low fire), underglazes, clear glaze

A year ago, my clay mates and I in our Saturday class gave ourselves the ceramics assignment to render our favorite 2-D art into 3-D.  Wayne Thiebaud's "Two Jolly Cones" always makes me smile, and so do my two cone heads.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sewing: Summer Projects

Linen!  What my husband doesn't know is that our dining room table will be turned into a sewing sweatshop this summer.  I've been buying fabrics to make rag dolls and baby quilt and throws.  I picked up this book because it had a how-to on French seams and because I just bought a graphic tee with the Merchant & Mills logo.

Ceramics: Bas Relief Tile of Delft Blue Whales

Materials:  Icelia porcelain (whales), Sculpture Mix (ocean background), dark navy underglaze, commercial decals

I rolled out 3 slabs in my Wednesday afternoon class and painted the Sculpture Mix slab with dark navy underglaze.  It occurred to me later that I could have painted a turquoise layer underneath the dark navy blue and sgraffito wave or blowhole action--next bas relief!  It's Sunday morning, and it's covered rather snugly in plastic until I can clean it up in Wednesday class.

Here's the finished piece.  Alas it warped!  My instructor said we should have low fired it, but that's okay.  I rather like it and will make it again.