Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sewing: Crib Pennant

I had leftover patchwork from the big dots pillow I'd sewn and hate to waste and decided to turn it into a crib pennant for my baby nephew, Rhys.  I cut out triangles from Wonder Under fusible web and ironed the "rough side" to the wrong side of the patchwork fabric.  I then cut out the pennants.

I then peeled off the fusible web paper and stuck the sticky sided patchwork fabric onto aqua blue fabric, spritzed it with water to help stick it better, and then pressed with a hot iron to fuse.

I sewed the two fabrics together with the zig zag setting on my sewing machine.

I printed out and then cut out on Arial letters of my nephew's name on card stock.  
I traced it "backwards" on fusible web and stuck it (spritz and steam ironed) on aqua blue fabric.

Lastly I zig zag stitched the aqua blue letters onto the patchwork pennants and then stitched aqua blue ribbon to string the pennants together.
My niece penned me a lovely thank you card in baby Rhy's voice.  I now want to sew a baby quilt for Rhy's pending baby sister.