Sunday, February 21, 2016

From Photo to Quilt@QuiltCon 2016

Highlight is the color of the year from Kona Cottons, and pictured are Kona's color of the year sewn into projects by other modern quilters.

I did an exercise recommended by a lot of modern quilters, where you find a photograph or picture with colors you love to develop a palette for a quilt. You then find from their line of fabrics of their line swatches that you think match the colors you love in the pic. I chose the daffodils photo and do quite love the colors of fabrics I found, but I know to be mindful of the proportions found in the pic too. Yellow, and in this case, Highlight can overwhelm and I would make sure not to jolt too much and to keep the yellow at a minimum if I do make a quilt from these colors. 

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