Monday, April 3, 2017

Hand Sewing: Dachsund Brooch

I'm on spring break and cleared my dining table of everything but this afternoon's craft:  a dachshund brooch kit that came with this magazine, Mollie Makes.  I photocopied the templates from the instructions, and the kit contained everything needed to make the brooch: felt, embroidery floss, medallion, pin back and even the needle.

Here are the complete instructions in the magazine which was my guide for which colors to place next to each other. 

I cut the xeroxed templates and pinned the larger templates on the felt.  For the smaller triangles of the dog's coat, I merely held the paper to the felt and cut around the template as they were too small to pin.  I used craft scissors to cut the paper and these super sharp scissors to cut the felt.

I used an overcast stitch to affix the brown felt pieces on to the white background.

There is enough leftover felt for the vest and gold fabric for the collar and belt if I decide to make more of these dachshund brooches.

After finishing the front of the pin brooch, I used needle and thread rather than fabric glue to affix the pin back and then sewed the two white pieces wrong side together with a blanket stitch.  Adorable!  I would like to design a brooch of my chihuahua, Elmo, but instead of a halter, I'll put a bow tie on him instead.

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