Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Piecing and Winter Quilting

Hanging in my coat closet are the quilt tops I've sewn, ready for quilting.  But I'm scared.  I'm not very good at coordinating my hand with the speed of my domestic sewing machine, and so my stitches are so not consistent, nor pretty.  Free motion quilting is much harder and physically demanding than the long arm with its steering handles and stitch regulator.  However, I'll never get any better at quilting if I farm it out to a long armer, and renting the long arm is kind of pain in the ass, schedule wise.  And so I played mechanic today and brought out my extension table and changed out the presser foot to a darning foot and just free motion stitched a sandwich with just straight lines.  Ai yi yi.  I had eyelashes or bobbin thread hanging outside the top stitches.  Out came the books.
And the beginning machine quilting book offered sage advice.  After looking at my sewing machine manual, re-threading and re-inserting the bobbin--no more eyelashes once I figured out a sewing speed which of course I couldn't maintain.

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