Saturday, July 25, 2015

Coloring Books

I got to Flax yesterday, saw my painting instructor there, talked watercolor with him and told him I remembered his adage in class to try to improve our drawing and was persuaded by him to purchase Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards though I hated that book years and years ago (but I remember too he said that it was the book's exercises he did when first enrolled at art school).....and then I get this nugget in an email from him: "It's an old adage from Art Center College of Design, where I went after my time at San Jose State….. "You can push paint around on a bad drawing all day long and it still won't look good, but you can push paint around almost any old way on a good drawing and it will still look good!". This statement is a bit flippant, but in essence, does hold true. Drawing is hard, learning how to use any given medium (oils, acrylics, watercolor, etc.) is easy. Drawing well is the key. The rest will come. 

OK, I'll get off my rant… try to get some WC or just pencil or ink sketches done, AND bring them to class."  

Umm, yesterday I needed to be somewhere in the morning and could not devote myself to the harder task of practicing to draw well nor the time to devote 4 hours to art making.  I had been digging through my craft boxes and found these two little preprinted mixed media canvases.  I also remember those popular "adult" coloring books that my friend Shannon bought at the museum bookstore for her classroom.  I've seen them at Michael's as well as indie bookstores and at Flax which my painting instructor said are one of the hottest selling items at the store, but he also commented that are in no way helpful in making our own good paintings.  I think though they serve a purpose for people who are too lazy or think they're too busy to learn perspective but wanna "make."  I was one of those people yesterday morning and didn't want to do the hard task of drawing and just wanted to "color in the lines."

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