Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sewing: Quilt in Progress

I re-started my hobby of sewing about 5 years ago while in grad school, needing a creative outlet from all the reading and writing.  I signed up to sew a log cabin style pillow and then a kimono bathrobe and then a blouse (UFO!)and fell in love with Amy Butler fabrics though not so much with her garment patterns.  When the shop where I was taking classes was closing, I bought a bunch of Butler's fabrics on clearance and also took remnants that were being discarded.  I wish I knew then that I would fall in love with Amy Butlers pink color line of her Midwest Modern fabric line, but you can tell from this quilt top that I was enamored at the time with aquas and chartreuse.  I bought so much of this Amy Butler fabric that I have enough for another quilt if I make the back just a solid.  However, there was only 6 yards of the Kona Iced Frappe fabric left on the bolt that I used for the solid strips in between the Butler strip patchwork.  My ceramics instructor also loves blues and aquas and celadon, and so I may sew a lap quilt (an Amy Butler pattern in her In Stitches) and find another coordinating Kona solid For this quilt I want to stitch text in the solid color strips:  SLEEP IS THE BEST MEDITATION (a quote from the Dalai Lama).

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