Friday, July 15, 2016

Garment Sewing: Cabin Tunic Dress and Alterations

My cabin top dress from a pattern by Blue Prints for Sewing is done:)  
Golly do I love the welt less front pockets.

I decided to do the yoke in black Cotton Couture instead of the Kokka dog fabric.  I can't wait to wear it this fall with black tights and black boots and a black cardigan!

 I also decided to alter this Anthropologie top, which I always have to hike up because the fabric is so stretchy and hangs low.  I have to figure out how to hide the binding which shows my shoddy alteration.  Really I keep this top because I love it as quilt inspiration for the color blocks of peach, navy, and dark coral/orange.
This is a dress I bought at Uniqlo.  I love the fabric, but the dress is so unflattering on the figure.  I'm thinking of deconstructing it, and then sewing darts and a back pleat like in my cabin top.  Or maybe I don't need to take it apart and just figure out where to sew darts though there's probably not enough fabric to include the back pleat.

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