Monday, January 2, 2017

My Favorite Tools So Far and Work in Progress

I read somewhere not to be redundant with blogging, which I ignored by blogging about this quilted wall hanging in progress on a WordPress blog I just created minutes ago.  As I continue to decide which blog to be loyal to, let me comment how much quilt rulers are my favorite tool even more so than a rotary cutter.  My first ruler is that 3 1/2" wide one with a pink edge--it's not an Omnigrid or Creative Grids but it's the one I use the most even though I was told by a tribe at the quilt studio that the Omnigrids binding ruler would become my favorite--it's not.  I forgot to include in the photo my new folding bias ruler which actually was handy for the tree skirt I recently sewed. The square ruler was really useful for squaring up the half triangles on a Tula Pink butterfly quilt, which I didn't think to use to square up the half triangle patches for the above project for which I bought the triangle ruler.  Dumb.  But that's what happens when you start to have too many sewing notions. And I used the half square triangle ruler for this wall hanging.  Really I should have used the technique of sewing squares right sides together, drawing a diagonal line and sewing 1/4" seams on both sides of the line and then splicing in the middle to be later trimmed with the square ruler.  Lesson learned.

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