Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cooking: Poke Bowl

Poke, pronounced POH-keh, or cubed raw fish like ahi tuna or salmon or albacore (all my favorites) seasoned with ingredients like soy sauce or ponzu for salt, wasabi for heat, yuzo for tart is one of my favorite foods that I sometimes buy at my local Safeway or Costco.  I never knew that I could extend and mix the cold poke with hot rice for a more complete meal.  Recently here in the San Francisco Bay Area, I've been sampling the new customized fast food trend of poke bowl restaurants.  My favorite ingredients to include in my bowls are cucumbers, white onion, scallions, kukui nut, tobiko, avocado and seaweed salad.  I've been playing with other ingredients to discover my poke palate or what proportions constitute my own tasty combination.  I discovered a love for kelp noodles and citrus kale salad to make a more paleo-friendly bowl.  Here was my recent DIY poke bowl.
I normally like a 50/50 base of greens and steamed brown rice, but I was too lazy and time-constrained to cook.  And so mixed greens from our garden and Japanese cucumbers formed my base.

 Sauces!  My favorite embellishments of Sriracha mayo, Wasabi sauce, Yuzu Kosho (think Japanese citrus and green chili sauce) and Miso salad dressing.

My protein of Negi Toro tuna and scallions.
My other protein of salmon poke from my favorite Japanese grocery shop with soy sauce seasoning, a bit of seaweed salad and sunflower sprouts.

Sides!  Seaweed salad and avocado.  Alas my avocado wasn't ripe enough for today's poke bowl.

Lunch is served.

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