Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cooking: Smoky Fish Chowder

I grew up cooking and eating New England clam chowder, for I had a father who kept our freezer stocked with the blue fish, blue crabs, and littleneck clams for which he cast a rod, netted or dug into sand with his toes and then dived into the Connecticut blue sea as well as his military-issued Joy of Cooking with the recipes for me to follow.  And so when I saw in the New York Times this recipe for a smoky fish chowder, I had to taste my childhood again.  This chowder calls instead for leeks and Hungarian hot smoked paprika.  Really it's the sautéing bacon and simmering of potatoes that is the smell and taste of my childhood nostalgia.  Also I substituted Dutch baby yellow potatoes, chunks of Chilean sea bass, a bit of whipping cream and fresh thyme from my herb garden which made for a magical tasting and comforting soup.
I had 2 Chilean sea bass filets defrosted.  I didn't cook the second filet as I luckily had seafood stock with potatoes leftover.  My second bowl the next day for lunch was even more delicious and am glad that I reserved that second filet or didn't allow it to get overcooked for my later meal.

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