Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ceramics: Bowl

Handbuilt Slab Bowl
Clay:  Soldate 60
Underglaze:  Teddy Bear Brown on the outside of the bowl
Glaze: Stormy Blue on the inside and inside etching of the exterior bowl
I rather love this bowl.  I had  rolled out a slab on a Thursday evening and while waiting for the Soldate to dry to leather hard, the edges started to get crumbly-looking which lends a lacy look to the clay "fabric."  Studio mates commented how pretty the edges were after I texturized it with my instructor's roller, and so I didn't trim it off and rolled into a slab bowl rather than slab mug (the edges would've been too rough on the mouth).  I also love the contrast combination of brown with blues or greens.

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