Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ceramics: Slab Mug

Clay: Soldate 60
Underglaze: Chartreuse and Black
Glaze: Clear

This was a dart mug I constructed in a hurry and it shows.  An 11-year-old, Audrey made a more graceful and beautiful mug.  She also used B-mix clay which I think is inherently more delicate and less "groggy" and therefore more ethereal in nature.  Here's my takeaway if I decide to make a dart mug again.  Use B-mix which looks more like porcelain than earthenware.  Roll my slab out thinner with a pony roller, which I recently purchased.  I now need a skinny wooden tool for reinforcing and closing seams.  Make the handle slimmer.  However, I do love the color of chartreuse on Soldate and then glazed, which would make a cool tile.

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