Friday, August 26, 2016

Alabama Chanin Slow Sewing

I had recently viewed the Creative Bug videos of Natalie Chanin and loved them. I totally can't wait to undertake hand sewing and reverse appliqué work on my own cotton jersey knit tank (my favorite piece) and a table runner, and so this book is handy reference. There's also a couple of great recipes for a Bloody Mary cocktail and a tomato tart. I borrowed Alabama Studio Style from the public library, and it's going back although I did trace the template in the book onto stiff felt for a future project. I've only one shelf on my bookcase for my collection of sewing and craft books, but I will be purchasing Alabama Studio Sewing+Design as part of my resolution to have 25% of my wardrobe made by my own hands and because it will be worthy of belonging to my library. 

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