Sunday, August 14, 2016

Work in Progress: Dani's Quilt is Half Done

I decided to add just one row of horizontal bars at the top and bottom.  It could be a go, but I'm going to study it more because it looks a bit too scant at the top and bottom and maybe add a thin gray sashing and another row of horizontal bars.
Here are all the scraps left as well as the gray backing fabric.  I've three orphan blocks of 2 light pink and 1 dark pink pinwheels. I've also little bits of yardage of all the pinks's values, which could be another row of horizontal bars for the quilt top.  But definitely those orphan blocks will go into a scrappy back as well as the dark pink border (single log cabins around a gray square).  I had at one time envisioned a hopscotch on the back, but that will be another play mat/quilt.

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