Monday, August 15, 2016

Work in Progress: Baby Family Tree Quilt Top Done (so really not finished until it's sandwiched)

Tonight is Tuesday sewing night at the quilt studio, so the plan is to finish the backing to this baby quilt.  I tried to embrace a little randomness in the border and not follow the light medium dark sequence so strictly or not be bothered if the same colors were in adjacent blocks.  There will be a stripe of these pinks on a broad background of gray which I think will look striking and fresh.  This quilt will probably be the last time I ever purchase a commercial quilt panel (though I do have a couple left from this same designer of children and circus animals in a parade which will turn into more nursery textiles for the same baby brother and sister).  But it has a been a fun challenge to personalize and not let a quilt panel oversimplify and speed up the process.

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