Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Half Square Triangles and a Dog Bed

Back to my large stash of fabric.  Despite making a sampler quilt in all color ways from the boxes of fabric in my closet, I still had (and still have) a lot of cloth to generate into quilts.  I think my intention for this blue decorator weight fabric were pillows for an outdoor bench, which a week ago I decided would instead become a dog bed cover because Elmo's dog bed had since become tattered and holey.  I also knew I wanted to practice sewing half square triangles (HSTs).  Double chain stitching!  I learned that technique from Jenny Doan tutorials:)  I didn't bother trying to mathematically calculate how much fabric to cut and how many HSTs to sew.  I would just sew and lay the unfinished panel over my dog's bed to see how many more rows to piece and add.

Our garden is producing a bumper crop of heirloom tomatoes (Taxi, Black Cherokee and Costuluto), which I just chopped and sprinkled with salt and julienned basil.  I was gonna toss in mozzarella, but then remembered my leftover lasagne for a cheese accompaniment.  It was a delicious break from all the sewing:)
Alas the pictures are deceiving!  The bed is very cattywampus.  Even though Elmo is laying upon it, you can't see the safety pins at the bottom of the bed holding the cover closed until I take the seam ripper on to it, resew and insert a zipper.

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